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Sunday, 28 September 2008

FREE on-line class

To improve the process for you - just click on the Yahoo join this group to the right and I will be able to approve your interest to join the class from there - thanks - from Linda who has lots to learn about the computer still!!!!

Saturday, 27 September 2008

FREE on-line learning class

I made this pattern up a while ago and it has appeared in a couple of magazines - so you may have seen him before. However I have written up a 4 lesson online class now and I am offering it for FREE. I want to show you all how great on-line classes are and how easy they are. It is a self paced class that you download the lessons and work on in your own time. I have set up a yahoo group for the lessons, class discussion and uploading pictures to share. You can only access the class by invitation so you will need to click on the button to join (best way) or contact me by email and let me know you want to join. You can find this info on my picturetrail link above as well. The process is simple and I will aim to get you invited into the classroom as soon as possible. Once in, I will around for you to ask questions of and help as best I can. Hope to see you there - Kind regards, Linda.