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Sunday, 7 November 2010


I have a new class starting on the 12th and would love you to join me there.

Just click on her name and it will link you to the site at DollStreet.
Class is $50 and covers sculpting a face and legs from paperclay, painting the face, creating fabric with scraps, how to design clothing to fit and free machine stitching. Wire work to create steampunk inspired wings and lots of ways to re-use and recycle things from around your home. She is made up over a broken lamp base! There are 9 lessons and heaps of photos PLUS you have me to talk to is you need any help!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


She was a dainty girl, a little frayed from the complexities of life .....but she still had hope.
Some days she would throw open the windows and they would sing melodies from the bottom of their souls.
....Other days they just liked to contemplate the world.
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Monday, 6 September 2010

jumper cushion

a good way, don't you think? to use those unworn woolen jumpers and do a little hand stitch ...just for fun
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Text-ilse Tweets

Here are my latest offerings - Text-Ilse Tweets!!! They are made with hand woven fabric scraps that I couldn't bear to throw away - as anyone who weaves will understand! Some is even hand dyed before weaving and holds gentle memories... and of course they are stuffed with wool from my friends sheep (all nicely washed and carded :)
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Saturday, 7 August 2010

new class starting

Just letting any of you interested doll makers out there know I have a class starting on DollStreet shortly.
Finella and her Kingfisher......love to have you join me there.


Thursday, 29 July 2010


Hi all, here is a little doll I have made as a surprise gift for a friend. She always wanted a "cat" doll....so I hope she likes it and the message written on her dress.

 'Real friendship means you never have to journey through life alone...walk with me.'

 and above her shoes ' life is too short not to wear Red Shoes'

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Balance is my latest offering! She was started before our move to WA and is made of mainly recycled items including a body scrubber thingy, old forks, rusty metal and a pony shoe dug up on our property. Any one who knows me will laugh as this is my favourite truism - that we have to get a good balance in our lives....and a move to unfamliar parts certainly puts a strain on that theory BUT it is about taking a breath, looking up, being wise and holding on until the balance is better!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

the move....

Well, we are off to Bunbury in WA to live....and so I am having a sort out and a let go of some of my past work. I have found homes for a few dolls and if anyone is interested I have these ones to relocate! Prices are low and a little dust is an added feature......

 ALL SOLD and safely living in new abodes - Thanks.

1, 2SOLD;3  $20.00 each plus postage.
4SOLD 5SOLD      $40.00 each plus postage          
6&7       $15.00 each plus postage
8             $30.00 plus postage
9  SOLD          $40.00 plus postage
10           $25.00 plus postage
11SOLD          $90.00 plus postage.

email me at jandlmisa @ netspace . net . au       (no gaps between words obviously!LOL)

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Hi all, this is my latest doll - a clay over cloth slightly prim called Phyllis. ...she wasn't sure where life would take her so she was....making sure she flew as high as she could....
Sometimes she just crossed her fingers behind her back, other days she enlisted a little help!

Sunday, 14 February 2010


Finally I have taken a pic of the finished piece.
It is a little hard to get a good shot due to the glaze.
For a learner I am pleased with the result - really like the crackle glaze. Not sure when I will get back to the clay work. Seem to be happy and busy with the cloth and clay work at the moment with the benefit that I do not have to leave the studio to create!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Well 2010 is well and truly under-way and I have found myself very happily back in my studio...serenity, sweet serenity. Kids are back at school - hence the serenity! - life is getting back into some sort of order.
Anyway, as promised I have been working on the next FREE online class.
"Believe" is up and ready to go.
Hopefully all files work and people can jump right in - after they join of course! Just click on the button on the right  "click to join" and when I get the reply I can invite you to join. (it is very easy if you follow the prompts!)
I look forward to 'talking' to you in the classroom and sharing some creative fun. - Linda.