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Sunday, 14 February 2010


Finally I have taken a pic of the finished piece.
It is a little hard to get a good shot due to the glaze.
For a learner I am pleased with the result - really like the crackle glaze. Not sure when I will get back to the clay work. Seem to be happy and busy with the cloth and clay work at the moment with the benefit that I do not have to leave the studio to create!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Well 2010 is well and truly under-way and I have found myself very happily back in my studio...serenity, sweet serenity. Kids are back at school - hence the serenity! - life is getting back into some sort of order.
Anyway, as promised I have been working on the next FREE online class.
"Believe" is up and ready to go.
Hopefully all files work and people can jump right in - after they join of course! Just click on the button on the right  "click to join" and when I get the reply I can invite you to join. (it is very easy if you follow the prompts!)
I look forward to 'talking' to you in the classroom and sharing some creative fun. - Linda.