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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

the move....

Well, we are off to Bunbury in WA to live....and so I am having a sort out and a let go of some of my past work. I have found homes for a few dolls and if anyone is interested I have these ones to relocate! Prices are low and a little dust is an added feature......

 ALL SOLD and safely living in new abodes - Thanks.

1, 2SOLD;3  $20.00 each plus postage.
4SOLD 5SOLD      $40.00 each plus postage          
6&7       $15.00 each plus postage
8             $30.00 plus postage
9  SOLD          $40.00 plus postage
10           $25.00 plus postage
11SOLD          $90.00 plus postage.

email me at jandlmisa @ netspace . net . au       (no gaps between words obviously!LOL)

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Shashi Nayagam said...

Linda I hope your move goes smoothly and all your dolls find a good home too. Look forward to seeing some pictures of your new home and all about it.