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Thursday, 29 July 2010


Hi all, here is a little doll I have made as a surprise gift for a friend. She always wanted a "cat" doll....so I hope she likes it and the message written on her dress.

 'Real friendship means you never have to journey through life alone...walk with me.'

 and above her shoes ' life is too short not to wear Red Shoes'


lacydolls said...

I love this doll, I have a friend that I feel the need to make a doll like this for, are you goint to offer a pattern?

Barbara V

Colleen said...

Hi...this doll is so cool...is this a needle sculpted or paper clay face? Your work is beautiful...A very good friend requested one of my dolls as a birthday present....your cat doll (and her meaning! ) is very inspiring...Colleen

Linda Misa said...

Well my friend got her yesterday and called to say how much she had needed a boost and how this gift achieved that - so my job is done. She is paperclay over cloth. Thank you for your kind comments.