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Tuesday, 4 December 2007

shoe fun

Okay, I said I have been playing with painting shoes - got some leather textile medium from Di at www.fabricaddictions.com and some yummy pigment powders so I had to have a little fun. Now remember these are OLD shoes and I am experimenting with them. Saying that, however, I must say it was fun and I will do more after I have worn these shoes a few times to see how it lasts. A couple I have used gel medium over - not sure yet if that is a good idea or not.! ! pair I did one shoe with gel med. and 1 without - so I have a test case......myth busters look out!!!!!


fabricaddict said...

Awesome Work Linda! These Primary Elements Kits are wonderful aren't they? The colours are so vibrant! Thank you for sharing your work. Beautiful
Hugs Di

Anonymous said...

Love what you have done to the shoes Linda, especially the strappy ones.

Cheers ..... Anne (Dunedin)

Judi Wellnitz said...

These are fabulous - I really like the stamped ones! (I'm assuming they are stamped - or did you do line drawings?)

tamaraiivana said...

They are all beautifull Linda.
Can't decide which one are my favourite.