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Monday, 5 May 2008

pixelated pictures

I just had to put a pic of this cool new (to me) tool. It takes one of our photos and enlarges it to be printed out of A4 paper - giving one great big as you want wall art. I can see a lot of pictures heading my way to be printed...and even transfer prints......and so on. My head is spinning.
This one is my gorgeous girl Issy in my studio.
i think I might just start papering the walls at our beach house with pics of the kids and beach....
It is an old place so no harm will be done and the walls have panels so I can paper up in between - guess what I'll be doing this weekend!
http://homokaasu.org/ is the site I got it from.

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Joyce said...

Linda - could you please contact me via email regarding the possibility of coming to teach in Virginia this fall? joyce @ quiltingadventures.com